Derrick Briscoe
Tucson, AZ

Bio: Photography, wow! It truly is a fascinating medium. Image capture through the use of digital SLR cameras and computer software (today’s darkroom) has allowed visual artists imaginations for creativity to flourish unencumbered. I have embraced the technology surrounding photography and I endeavor to stir your senses and evoke one’s emotions by creating art that will eclipse memories beyond our life time. Thank you for taking time to visit my site(s). Feel free to stay for a while to enjoy what my mind’s eye has produced for your viewing pleasure. Artistry through visualization.

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2 thoughts on “About

  1. Thank you for letting me wandering through your wonderful gallery. This is actually a very nice place, fully inspired by your high sense of colors, rhythms and contrasts. I’m also pleased to meet you on Google+.

    A French follower,


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    • Many thanks to you Hervé! As you see, I very much enjoyed your photography too, particularly your abstract work, which is very well though out, and balanced. It’s a pleasure meeting you, another creative professional on Google+. I appreciate you sharing.


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